Resilient Little Hearts champions children to build Resilience & Emotional Health through beautiful children's books and resources for parents. 
We are passionate about equipping the next generation with the skills they need to thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Our children are growing up in a very different world than we grew up in -there is more choice, pressure and complexity than ever before.

They are being told that their worth is based on others approval of them; or that their performance is what will determine their happiness.

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that within the next 20 years, depression will be the leading cause of disability worldwide, more than any other health problem (including cancer or health disease).

This is the world our children will be living in as adults.


Our intention in raising our children is to give them the skills they need to succeed in their future. We teach them to read and write; to understand maths, sciences or the arts; to interact with others appropriately.

But there is a gap.

If this is all we are teaching our children, we are failing to properly prepare them for a far more complex landscape of adulthood. 

We need to be teaching them how to navigate difficult emotions, follow their heart, have empathy for others, find courage in fearful moments, & how to rise again after failure.